"Align the undercurrents and strengthen your team dynamics."


In a fast moving business environment, team dynamics play a crucial role to meet the team's targets. Trust and interaction are essential to get the best out of your team. We facilitate a closer look into your team dynamics to become more effective in reaching your desired results.






Business environments are demanding and constantly changing. Managers and their teams must be well equipped to adjust to these changing circumstances.


Team Dynamics facilitates a closer look into your team dynamics to become more effective as a group in reaching your desired results.


We believe that knowing and trusting each other are essential to get the most out of your team. 

"Our core value is an unique match of profound facilitation and inspirational environments."


Team Dynamics offers tailor made Journey’s and Development Programs suitable for kick off, team building, strategic alignment, leadership development, and more. Duration varies between 1 to 3 days, at spectacular (inter)national locations. Questioning, time and being outdoors are key elements to start your Journey." 






Are you well prepared as a team to meet your targets?


“Do you have a clear picture of where your team is now?”

“Is there an urgency to boost team effectiveness and performance?”

“Is everyone committed to the common goal?”




Your desired results

  • More connection and interaction
  • Higher level of trust and understanding
  • Personal commitment for collective goals
  • Act as one team
  • More fun, less frustration


as an individual

as a team member

as a leader in the organization





1.   You co-create with us and shape challenges into the desired process


2.  You physically get out of your daily work  environment into inspirational and natural surroundings 


3.   You connect with yourself and interact with the others


4.   You see where you are now and what challenges are ahead of you

5.   Your journey begins here...




"Let us be glad that you see what you believe, and that is has been given you to change what you believe"                                               (a Course in Miracles)



As a coach, I will assist you to decide upon the goal you would achieve and to take responsibility for the thougths and feelings you experience.


You will become more aware of the belief systems you operate from by working on your emotion-thought patterns and perceptions.


From a renewed intentional mindset and personal vision you will increase your creative and positive impact and make meaningful choices.


I will set my mind to always see the truth in others and remind ourselves that we can choose to live like we already are what we want to be



Jurriaan Rogaar

MSc Psychology


Team Coaching